Hospice Analytics Products and Services

  1. InfoMAX Hospice Premier Reports (25+ report formats) - Info & Order Form
  2. NEW!! InfoMAX Hospice Physician Reports - Info & Order Form
  3. Hospice Executive Summary Reports - available 2 ways: as part of Premier Reports and/or nationally
  4. Hospice Cost Reports - available 2 ways: as part of Premier Reports and/or nationally
  5. Hospice Consultant Reports - Info & Order Form; designed for hospice consultants & vendors
  6. InfoMAX Funeral Home Reports - created specifically for the funeral industry
  7. National Hospice Locator - created to assist the public to find every known hospice location
  8. InfoMAX Home Health Reports - created specifically for the home health industry


In addition to our flagship InfoMAX Reports, Hospice Analytics has a variety of products and services available to assist State & National organizations and hospice agencies to improve care and sustainability, including:

  • Special Projects: Research, white papers, and reports on key issues facing hospice sustainability, quality, trends and "futures," impact of healthcare reform, implications of physician aid in dying, legislative and policy opportunities, and much more.
  • Conference Speaking: Plenary, workshop, and webinar presentations; board and leadership training. 
  • Strategic Consulting: Understand and apply your data to strategic planning, business development, marketing, community outreach, staff education, talent management, and much more!
  • Academic Clinical, and Public Policy Research: Unbiased, data-based analysis of key issues facing end-of-life care; academic and clinical research studies; expert testimony for public policy and legislative change; white papers, data briefs, talking points, and issue summaries.


Please contact Hospice Analytics for additional information and pricing.