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The National Hospice Locator (NHL) geo-maps and provides information about every known hospice in the United States. Find hospices by clicking a state on the map, zooming into the area of interest, and clicking on a hospice pin (on the map) or name (in the list below the map) for detailed information. Information is gathered from Medicare data files; numerous hospice, state, and national public Web sites; and from surveying hospices directly. 

For assistance with selecting a hospice, a helpful resource by Caring Connections is Choosing a Quality Hospice for You or Your Loved Ones.


Using search options to narrow your results:

When you use the search box, an auto-fill drop-down box appears to help narrow your search after 4 characters are entered (hospice name, city, county, state, or zip code). Find detailed information on the first 50 hospices meeting your search criteria, sorted by Sponsors, Advertisers, Hospices, and hospice size, provided at the bottom of the page. If more than 50 hospices appear in the results, consider narrowing your search (e.g., from a state to a city). Specific searches for "pediatric," "prison," or "inpatient facility" may be helpful. You may choose how to sort results. 

The NHL averages 18,000+ visits and searches / month.  Hospice leaders: Please verify and update your hospice information! Please contact us for information about purchasing entire state or national databases.