InfoMAX Hospice Executive Summary Reports


Click here to see a sample Executive Summary Report.

The Hospice Analytics Executive Summary Report presents accurate, up-to-date essential information for your hospice, compared to state and national averages and side-by-side with your selection of competitive agencies. Metrics include:

  • Average and median length of stay
    • % of beneficiaries with a length of stay less than 7 days
    • % of beneficiaries with a length of stay greater than 180 days
  • Beneficiaries discharged alive
  • Location of service
    • % home
    • % nursing/skilled nursing facility
    • % hospice inpatient unit
    • % other
  • Mean Medicare reimbursement per admission
  • Mean per diem cost per patient
  • % payer mix
  • % diagnosis mix
  • % utilization of levels of care

Data are pulled from annual Medicare claims data and weekly updates of Cost Reports. The Executive Summary gives you critical business intelligence at a glance!

Executive Summary Reports are available 2 ways:

  1. Included within InfoMAX Premier Hospice Reports - comparing any / all hospices in subscription counties.
  2. OR as a standalone report - comparing your hospice with up to 10 other hospices located anywhere in the country.

Contact Hospice Analytics for additional information and pricing.